Our Skipper Mark tells us all about what the new Flintshire group have been up to last week.

Teams week has been really exciting and exhilarating. We have bonded as a team and enjoyed the highs, lows and pain of the activities we have undertaken.

On Monday was drama with Kate from projects@smallperformanceadventures.com , where we explored our young past and developed confidence through creative performances. Kate was fantastic and we all enjoyed the day.

Tuesday, we went on the Llangollen canal being pulled by a shire horse. This was a lovely relaxing experience before we went on the adrenaline rush white water rafting with TNR outdoors. Joe and Robson helped us navigate the river Dee, through rapids and fast-flowing water. Some people got very wet including Joe, Khalid, Tobias and Max. It was a tiring but thoroughly enjoyable day.

On Wednesday we visited Moreton Hall School, they kindly allowed us to use their Food Tech rooms where the lads cooked from fresh ingredients a spaghetti bolognaise. It was so good to see us all sit around a table eating what we had just cooked. This was followed by fencing, Mike Evans-Jones the Welsh team fencing coach gave us a lesson on how to fence. We had great fun fencing each other in full kit although it was very hot.

Thursday was team building with the Army Reservists at Queensferry, we had an inspirational talk from Sgt Harley Morris-Jones who then gave us practical instruction on the SA80 and field craft.

This was a perfect teams week getting us ready for the next 6 months together.


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