National Inclusion Week is running from September 27th this year. Created by Inclusive Employers ,the week aims to raise awareness of inclusion in the workplace.

Whether you have a developed diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy in your workplace, or you’re just starting to develop one, it’s important to include socio-economic background alongside other characteristics, such as gender and ethnicity.

The Social Mobility Commission encourage the inclusion of socio-economic background in your D&I strategy. According to their research, employees from a lower socio-economic background perform at least as well as their more advantaged colleagues, and often outperform them.

Here at WeMindTheGap we directly address and challenge social mobility through holistic programmes for young people, giving them opportunities, experiences, skills and support they may otherwise never receive. We build inclusive partnerships with local employers to provide opportunities for under-served young people, delivering real and lasting change for young people.

By joining with us as an employer partner,  WeMindTheGap can assist in developing your D&I strategy. Our employer partners actively demonstrate their commitment to an inclusive and diverse workplace. Partnering with WeMindTheGap provides other benefits for employers too:

  • Developing a greater understanding of the challenges faced by young people today can help inform recruitment and apprenticeship schemes.
  • A recruitment stream – many employer partners want to offer opportunities to young people but otherwise don’t have the opportunity to meet and assess them in a work context.
  • Movement towards achieving the UN Social Development Goals – WeMindTheGap answers nine of the 17 UN SDGs.
  • Mentoring our young people provides inexperienced team members with valuable mentoring skills and experiences.
  • Availability of any WeMindTheGap young people and team as volunteers to support your own company and charity activity.
  • A source of great pride for your team.

To find out more about WeMindTheGap and becoming and Employer Partner please Get In Touch . To find out more about Nation Inclusion week please visit Inclusive Employers .

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