I’m a survivor of a chaotic home, a family who didn’t know how to show love, a house that wasn’t safe.

I survived because one day I knew I couldn’t stay there anymore and fled. I was still living in the Women’s Aid Refuge when I heard about the programme. It sounded great, an amazing opportunity but I didn’t think they would want me.

After attending Discovery Day feeling extremely nervous, I received a phone call to say I’d been picked to take one of the places on the programme. I couldn’t remember a time when I felt so happy!

Launchpad and Outward Bound weeks were really hard and tested everyone’s comfort zones. The team tried to show me that I needed to be more positive and have an open mind. They supported me, helped me move out of the refuge into my own home, spent time with me, played cards with me, encouraged me to eat and took me to my GP appointments. Slowly I began to trust them all.

My last placement was amazing, it was physical work in a warehouse. That gave me the confidence to apply to PGL as a trainee instructor. I wanted to do something physical like Outward Bound. I wanted to give back and help young people who, like me, had got a bit a lost. If I could do another round of the programme, there is so much I would do differently. I think by me even saying that sentence it shows how much I’ve changed due to becoming more aware.

In March 2017, I passed my induction at PGL with flying colours. I am now working as an instructor on site, helping young people overcome their fears on a day-to-day basis.

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