I was 16 when I found myself living in the hostel in Wrexham. My supporter at the hostel said I should apply for the programme at WeMindTheGap. I had only just turned 18 so I was the youngest gappie to be offered place.

Looking back, I must have been horrible. If I didn’t like doing something I would say so, loudly; if things went wrong for me I didn’t know how to try again. But quite quickly I realised that life could be different, so gradually I took control.

I liked all my placements, but my favourite part of the week was Essential Skills. We always started with a maths quiz and I would win easily. I had GCSE maths and Pam helped me think about getting more qualifications. I asked the team to help me apply for an Apprenticeship in a Bank or Finance office because even I realised I was good at numbers.

I got nervous at the end of the programme about leaving but Laura and Diane said they would still be there for me. I had no other work experience and was just 18 and it was hard getting a job. All the other gappies on my course got something and I felt if I wasn’t careful I could slip back into my old habits. So I asked if I could come into Moneypenny and volunteer over Christmas. I had so much fun and loved being part of the team. Diane told the Finance Director how good at numbers I was and after a couple of months, I was offered a permanent contract! Diane got in touch with Coleg Cambria and got me on an Apprenticeship accountancy course to help me alongside.

I am Moneypenny’s first Finance Apprentice. I completed my course in June 2019. I work 4.5 days in the busy finance team and am responsible for looking after client accounts, reconciliations and debt recovery. I have a much better relationship with my family – they are proud of me. I’ve also been on my first holiday abroad. I participate in WeBelong sessions, I love meeting new gappies.

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