I joined WeDiscover because, before this, I wasn’t doing much and WeDiscover gave me something to do. I also joined so that I could learn new skills, such as job interview tips and improving my confidence.

As well as these things, WeDiscover has helped me with my time-management because you need to be online at the same time every day. It’s also refreshed my Welsh language knowledge which I hadn’t done since leaving school.

My mentor has been a helpful person to talk to about my mental health and discuss things that are good to get out in the open. I probably wouldn’t have been in touch with Mind if it wasn’t for my mentor either. They’ve also helped me get more into my cooking by providing cookbooks at the end of the programme.

My favourite part of WeDiscover is that it’s not always so serious. We play a lot of games and even the learning was done in a fun way, like when we did Bingo to learn Welsh. We start every week with a coffee and a chat too which is a nice, casual way to begin. I also liked the guest speakers. I really enjoyed hearing from a previous WeMindTheGap Gappie who is now doing well, as her story was very similar to mine. We also heard from an army veteran who had lost his sight. He was straight-forward and didn’t beat around the bush, which I like about people.

If I had to pick three words to describe WeDiscover, it would be ‘helpful’, ‘inspirational’, and a ‘good laugh’. I know that last one is two words, but it’s true. I can’t think of any ways to improve the programme. It’s good as it is.

My plans for the future are to sort my mental health out and get back to where I was before the pandemic. I’d like to get a job or maybe go back to college. A little bit further in the future, I’d like to go travelling and see more of the world.

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