The Conwy Jobs Expo was a fantastic opportunity both for our Gappies and for WeDiscover as a whole. The event featured many businesses from the surrounding area with jobs available to people that need them, as well as many organisations, similar to our own, that are helping to upskill and support the people that need it. We brought two of our Gappies along, Thalia and MJ, to find out more about what opportunities are out there for them but also to represent WeDiscover in the best way possible.

This busy environment was outside of their comfort zones but they jumped into it with both feet. Thalia was brimming with confidence on gift bag duties, happy to approach any passer-by to hand them a bag of WeDiscover treats. When we said we didn’t want to return home with any bags remaining, she took on the challenge and delivered. Thalia was also keen to find out about what was out there for her, chatting to many businesses about how she could apply, and returning with many free gifts too. MJ was also a phenomenal advocate for us, sharing kind words about the programme and giving away many of their limited edition WeMindTheGap keyrings and fridge magnets they designed for us. It was a real testament to their development to see them chatting to people about their work and building connections so easily.

The event was also an important step in spreading the word about WeDiscover. Having only worked in Conwy since February, it’s so helpful for us to build connections with other organisations fighting for the same cause. With MJ and Thalia to represent the programme, through their words and their actions, many people will have left the Expo with the name of WeDiscover in their heads, as a place that supports young people in the areas they need it.

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