Last week we had the pleasure of meeting Gavin Eastham, he was a guest speaker for our WeDiscover programme. Gavin very honestly shared his story of working his way out of homelessness to running a very successful Martial Arts Dojo and becoming a mentor for young people and an inspirational speaker.

Gavin from Cobra Life Family Martial Arts captivated the audience with his positive attitude and account of how he now gives back to the charities that helped him when he needed them most. He also shared his motivational tips with the group and answered all their questions about his business and his change in situation.

Gavin shared his mantra ‘The difference is choice’ which resonated with a lot of the group.

Thank you to Gavin for being so generous with his time and sharing his amazing story.

Gavin offers Martial Arts training to all ages at his dojos in Shotton and Chester.

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