What do you see when you look at this photo?

The Hug - WeGrow Flintshire

It’s just a hug between three young people?….You’re wrong…Its so much more….

15 weeks ago, these three young people didn’t know each other. In truth, they didn’t know themselves other than a gut feeling they wanted to change, to push through their challenges, to learn to make better choices for themselves, to have a future.

They didn’t know the power of working together as a team, the feeling that belonging brings, the joy at supporting others as well as achieving something on their own.

They didn’t know what it felt like to go away from home with a group of colleagues, to share accommodation, to share meals together, and take part with an open mind all sorts of activities from a leap of faith, to ghyll walking in freezing cold temperatures, to night hiking to watch the stars.

They didn’t know there would be tears of anger, frustration, but also happiness at sharing the past 13 weeks with each other.

They didn’t know that being creative, being playful, being true to themselves would give them a better mindset to tackle the difficult stuff.

They didn’t know so many people were there for them, they just had to learn to ask for help.

They didn’t know how it felt to have someone walking alongside them every day, cheering them on, chiding them, pushing them when needed but always celebrating every little win.

They didn’t know that there were employers in their community ready to welcome them into their world of work and say, watch us this is how you do it.

They didn’t know until they met a coach that with the right support the power of change comes from within.

They didn’t know WeMindTheGap.

And now after 15 weeks of being part of our WeGrow family, they will never not know us, each other and most importantly themselves. We can’t wait to see what the next 15 weeks, months and years have ahead of you all.

This is belonging. This is social mobility in action.

Please visit our WeGrow webpage for further information.

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