“Coming from a strong Girlguiding background meant I had lots of support and adventure as a young person, which I think helped shape me into who I am. It also meant that when I saw the opportunity to work with young women to give them support and adventure, I just had to take it. I spent all day on my application and was fortunate to get the job!

I have absolutely loved my time at WeMindTheGap (WMTG). Due to the pandemic, I started my journey on WeDiscover to deliver sessions such as, the importance of looking after the environment to joining in with guest speaker sessions such as Ben Black’s talk on being an influencer!

At first, I was sceptical about the impact these sessions would have, but our team shared amazing stories about how some of the young people they had previously worked with had turned their lives around for the better. And now, having been here for over a year, I have seen that for myself: having someone believe in them and give them support and opportunity is transformational for our young people.

As soon as the WeGrow programme ran again, I started in my role as First Mate. This has been my favourite part of working with WMTG. I’ve been able to walk alongside the Flintshire 2021 cohort of incredible and determined young women. From plunging myself into ice-cold water at Outward Bound to encourage others to do the same…to running with bags of rubbish to the tip 2 minutes before it closed: the six months programme was full of adventure.

It’s been an absolute pleasure seeing the young women achieve their different goals, including:

  • developing confidence and self-belief
  • sorting out a big housing issue
  • making good friends
  • overcoming a trauma
  • finding themselves
  • getting employment
  • having fun
  • getting their level 2 English qualification after lots of hard work, and
  • completing placements in typical ‘men’s world’ jobs such as construction, plumbing and electrician work

The most satisfying part of the job has been seeing the smile on a young person’s face when they achieved a difficult goal.

By helping out at WeBelong events I have been able to witness how our young graduates continue to strive to achieve new personal and professional goals; proof that we really do keep walking alongside our young people even when they have graduated. This is what makes WMTG one of a kind: the love and care that is in everything that we do.

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