WeMindTheGap are delighted to welcome former graduate gappie Serena to the team.

Serena will be joining the WeDiscover programme as a Virtual Mate.

WeMindTheGap currently provide unique programmes for young people across North Wales and the North West. Our programmes are truly unique and combine work experience, coaching, skills, experiences and adventures, for young people that we call our “gappies”.

WeDiscover the programme that Serena will be working on is a virtual programme for 16 – 19 year olds. The programme is a chance to gain new skills and experiences and with the support of a mentor, build a plan for a bright future.

Serena previously took part in our WeGrow programme a future-changing programme for 18+ year olds including six-months’ paid employment, work placements, coaching and mentoring sessions, activity days and experiences.

Serena had attended college for a short period of time after school however the learning structure and environment at college wasn’t productive for Serena.

After leaving college Serena became more withdrawn and spent a lot of time isolated at home in her room. The WeGrow programme was suggested to Serena by her mental health support worker.  The programme was a chance for her to learn new skills, challenge herself and gain new experiences in a relaxed and supported atmosphere.

Serena said the Outward Bound experience was the highlight of her time on the WeGrow programme.

“My highlight of the programme was the Outward Bound experience. It really took me out of my comfort zone and challenged my belief of what I am capable of”.

Since graduating the WeGrow programme Serena has thrived. She was offered a job at Theatr Clwyd after impressing on her WeGrow work placements, she came back to WeMindTheGap as a guest speaker on the WeDiscover programme to share her story and was a Trainee Trustee for the charity.

Laura Columbine Lead on the WeDiscover programme is thrilled to have Serena on board

“We are thrilled that Serena has become a permanent member of the WeDiscover team here at WeMindTheGap. Serena is a great role model for our gappies on the WeDiscover programme”.

To find out more about the WeDisocver programme contact Laura Columbine on 0333 939 8818 / laura@wemindthegap.org.uk .To keep up to date with the work WeMindTheGap is undertaking please visit the website www.wemindthegap.org.uk or find us on social media.

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