Chairman and CEO of Amelia Knight Cosmetics, David Salmon, visited WeMindTheGap’s WeDiscover cohort to tell his inspiring story and deliver powerful words of advice.

David told our young people about his arrival in Manchester with only £6 in his pocket. “I remember asking a fruit seller on Market Street for an apple because I was so hungry and he gave me an apple, a banana, and an orange – an act of kindness I’ve never forgotten.”

During the online session, our gappies told David about their hopes and dreams for the future. He shared his advice on the power of stepping out of your comfort zone and saying yes to opportunities. David has since said,

“I very much enjoyed talking to the young people on the WeDiscover programme. I found them all to be very interesting and everyone had their own story to tell. It can be daunting setting out in life as an adult but with a little encouragement and some personal determination, it’s truly amazing what we can achieve as individuals. My advice to them all was to summon up the courage to say ‘yes, I’ll give it a go’, because unless you do that, you’ll never ever know what might have been.

It won’t happen all at once, but taking the first step, however small that may be, is the beginning of your own special journey. Throughout my life, I’ve found the vast majority of people to be kind. We all meet with the other type sometimes but never let them put you off, because you know in your heart that your intentions are clear and honest and good and it means you can hold your head up high even if someone has let you down.”

Sprinkle a little kindness,
Mix in a little smile,
Believe in who you are,
And go the extra mile.

We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Amelia Knight, helping to provide feedback on donated products, gaining skills in observation and analysis, with the bonus of feeling pampered as part of the process.

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