The Manchester young women WeGrow cohort spent a few nights camping at Chirk Castle last week.

The trip to Chirk Castle’s main aim was to push the gappies out of their comfort zones, taking part in activities they haven’t done before, to demonstrate how far they have come since the beginning of the programme (20 weeks ago).

Fowziya, Chloe and Ange from the Manchester WeGrow cohort where accompanied by Rachel (Community Maker), Clare (Skipper) and Ellie (First Mate). The trip started off with the gappies putting up their own bell tents and an exploration around the castle.

The gappies then got the evening fire going and all had tea around the fire followed by s’mores. The next day was slightly more challenging with an abseiling  challenge. Ange was like spider man, getting up to the top straight away. Next was canoeing over the aquaduct! The gappies really pushed themselves out of their comfort zone to ensure they all took part in the activities.

The young women enjoyed all the activities and were really glad they took part and completed the activities, even though they were really nervous.

Clare Skipper for Manchester young women’s cohort commented

“It was really great to see the gappies take on all the challenges on this trip. The confidence  of the gappies has improved significantly with everyone willing to try the new activities. Pushing themselves out of their comfort zones with these new experiences allows for gappies personal growth.”

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