I’m back for another rundown of my highlights for this week at WeDiscover. I always love the avenues of conversation we end up going down in our sessions. As long as the essentials are covered, we don’t need to stick too rigidly to a session plan. At the end of the day, it’s all about engagement and enjoyment. This week, we delved into the current hot topic of TikTok, whether there are more wheels or doors in the world. Some argued for doors as some rooms are full of them, like locker rooms, but then again, wheels are used in all sorts of mechanisms. If you open up almost anything, you’ll find an abundance of wheels. We didn’t come to a definitive conclusion and decided it may be impossible to prove.

Monday ended with our Email Masterclass. For this, we run through the key points of sending a professional email, making sure you get to the point and find the right tone for your recipient. Then we have a look at a bad email, which us mentors had a lot of fun composing, and together we try to turn it into something you wouldn’t lose your job for. Even I still haven’t got the hang of how to sign off an email to colleagues. There are too many options: thanks, cheers, kind regards, best wishes? But these little things are always up for debate.
Later in the week, we welcomed Chloe as a guest speaker. She’s been a previous Gappie on the WeGrow programme and is an excellent representation of overcoming adversity. She came in for a chat about her life and how she has fostered resilience to get through the challenges she’s faced. We always want our Gappies to chat with our guest speakers and we were all pretty wowed by Stephen’s insightful questions.

In celebration of Autism Acceptance Week we put together a session all about the neurodivergent condition. Given that we have an autistic mentor and Gappie, this was a particularly important session. One of the big takeaways was something Serena said, “When you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.” Although there are things that are more common in people with autism, everyone has an individual experience of it, and it was interesting to hear how Serena, one of our mentors, is affected by it and how our Gappie is affected by it in their own way. To finish the session, we all discussed and made pledges for how we could make life easier for people with autism.

We ended the week with a Surprise Session, where our Gappies had been sent a sealed envelope to open at the last minute. This was revealed to be some balloons and a pump for balloon modelling. Last time we tried this, it was a bit of a disaster. Back in July, Covid caused some last-minute difficulties to getting the pumps out so some had to attempt to blow theirs up by mouth. This was a little difficult. Today, on the other hand, I’d say it was a reasonable success. Penny talked us through making our balloon dogs, which did resemble dogs, to some extent. We then had to go off and create our own model using tutorials off YouTube. In my case, I flew too close to the sun, aiming to make a bear but ending up with a mangled mess. Sam’s was pretty similar, aiming for a parrot but ending up with a bunch of knots. Lucy, one of our Gappies, managed to construct a sword, Penny made an impressive Brontosaurus, and Serena put together an improvised version of a cactus. All in all, not a bad way to end a week.

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