Chloe secured her place on WeMindTheGap’s WeGrow programme in 2018.

For eighteen months it had been a complete rollercoaster of emotions – to say the least! There was a time where I tried to hide from the world. I couldn’t understand my own feelings, so how could anyone else? I could barely leave the house. I needed a change, a chance for myself and my daughter to have a better quality of life.

Chloe’s confidence grew and blossomed throughout her time on the programme. She welcomed the opportunity to deliver a speech at her graduation, which left many guests stunned and inspired.

Chloe, about the speech, said, “I will forever cherish that moment.”

After graduation, Chloe began to work for the social services at her local council as a support worker for the elderly, whilst aiming towards applying for a place at University.

Chloe has recently accomplished her dreams and has been offered a place at Bangor University to study Adult Nursing. The WeMindTheGap family are extremely proud and can’t wait to continue to hear about Chloe’s success as she works towards her dream career.

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