WeMindTheGap trainees celebrate success in Wrexham, Flintshire and Liverpool

3rd April 2018

Not one, not two but three graduation ceremonies took place,as we celebrated the successful completion of our six-month traineeship in Flintshire and Liverpool, as well as our home town of Wrexham.

This year we ran three traineeships simultaneously – and yet again, 70% of participants have moved from being ‘prisoners of circumstance to pilots of their own lives’, which is our aspiration for all participants.

Over the last six months 28 young women, many of whom were referred to us by local agencies, have taken full advantage of all the opportunities that the traineeship presents: meaningful work experience in five different work environments; new skills, experiences, life coaching, support and mentoring.

The graduation ceremonies took place at Moneypenny for Wrexham trainees, Theatr Clwyd for Flintshire trainees and RSM in Liverpool for Liverpool trainees. Trainees’ friends, families and supporters were joined by the many employer partners, individuals, businesses and funders who has made each traineeship possible. All the graduates have firm plans for the future,and this involves anything and everything from starting employment with employer partners, starting apprenticeships and moving into full time education to joining the RAF. 

By working with different partners in three different communities, we have been able to give real and unique opportunities to unemployed young women in the region who deserved better. We are very proud of all that our trainees have achieved and can’t wait to see what their new-found confidence, skills and experience brings them in the future. By running three traineeships simultaneously we’ve demonstrated how powerful it can be when the public and private sectors work together, and also that structure, meaningful work experience, care and trust has a transformational effect on real lives: this is social mobility in action. Each and every one of our graduates has real choices for the future now, and we can’t wait to share their journeys with them and support them along the way. We now want to run more traineeships in more communities every year, and are looking for like-minded organisations who want to make an impact on their doorstep to work with.

Not only has the success of these traineeships demonstrated the need for such an opportunity for unemployed young women across the region,it also demonstrates the impact that the traineeship has on different communities, and gives us continued confidence to run more traineeships in morecommunities every year across North Wales and the North West. 

Congratulations to all our graduates and all the best for your continued success!

Wrexham WeMindTheGap trainees celebrate their graduation at Moneypenny on Tuesday 3rd April 2018

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