In The Year 2020

21st May 2020

This year for MentalHealthAwarenessWeek the theme is Kindness. Our very talented 2019 Manchester graduate Tamara, has written a poem reflecting on how the simple act of kindness has united society.

A year the unknown hit not one, but many.
No matter the age, gender or colour.
There was no escape, no invisible cloak.
No this was not a joke.
It got either one or the other leaving many sad and lonely ,this virus showed.
In some it glowed a great kindness from within, for others it created a deep selfishness.
Where people begun to take many, leaving less and less for others.
This caused a struggle,but for the kind hearts this simply created a puzzle. One which they restored piece by piece.

After all the great acts of kindness can tame the most feared of beast.
Encouraging the world to isolate, to come together for the greater good sake of humanity.

At first many did not agree, they questioned due to fear. With the great strength of our Prime Minister, we pushed things up a notch and persevered.
Then him himself became sick, with the love from others this did not stick.
Now we are here 8 weeks in. Most question when will we get back to what once was ?
Anxious and uncertain, many will struggle to get up or even open a curtain…

The deepest hangs over us, we will not let this overtake us.
For at the end of every tunnel there is a light.
For every night it is dark the star glows,just as bright.
We will come through to the other end.
The greater good will win in the end.

By Tamara – Manchester 2019 Graduate

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