New opportunities for unemployed young women in Flintshire

2nd August 2017

New opportunities for unemployed young women in Flintshire with launch of holistic six-month traineeships.

Flintshire County Council is working with the charitable arm of one of the Top 5 Best Companies To Work For in the UK, Moneypenny, to bring new opportunities to young people in the borough.

Over the last three years Moneypenny Foundation has run three separate six month paid traineeships for unemployed young women in the Wrexham area, 70% of which have then moved into fulltime work or education – making this a unique project in terms of both its successful outcomes and its holistic approach. The charity is now partnering with Flintshire County Council to offer this same opportunity to ten young women in Flintshire from October 2017.

The Foundation gives unemployed young people new opportunities in life and work through running a traineeship called ‘Mind The Gap’. As well as paid work experience in a variety of employment sectors, trainees will given new skills, experiences, life coaching, support and mentoring.

Rachel Clacher, co-owner of Moneypenny and Founding Partner of the Foundation says

“We are delighted to be partnering with Flintshire County Council to bring our traineeship to a whole new community. Having proven how well the traineeship works in Wrexham, we can’t wait to work with the Council team to bring this opportunity to young people in the Flintshire area.

What we offer is no ordinary traineeship: over six months of paid employment, our trainees broaden their horizons, increase self-confidence, identify strengths and weaknesses, develop skills, maximise potential, develop ambitions, create strong friendships, trust in others, and ultimately understand the power of having a choice. Working with Flintshire County Council allows us to replicate the success of ‘Mind The Gap’ in a whole new community”

Claire Budden, Chief Officer Community and Enterprise at Flintshire County Council says

Not sure of what angle the Council will want to take in this quote. Thoughts could include: New initiative for Leaving Care teams? Excited about bringing this opportunity to our local community. Bringing best practice to the county. Working with exciting charity to deliver innovative and unique opportunities to our young people. Have to look at old problems in new ways, this is a chance to do just that, and in so doing providing totally unique opportunity for our young people.”

To date Moneypenny Foundation has run three separate traineeships from Moneypenny’s Wrexham office. Of the 28 young women, who were reliant on the state and had few choices in life, who have participated, 20 have graduated, and made the move to leading totally independent lives in fulltime employment or education. Jodie Whelan is one such graduate. She says of her experience of the traineeship

Need to find better quote that this. it changed my whole outlook on life. It gave me a focus and support to make the most of my six months. I could not have achieved what I did without the support of my life coach, she was amazing, and the trainees that I met”.

Insert photos: Making Bread during a Magic Monday session and preparing to jump off the jetty in Abedovey during Outward Bound week

To be eligible for the traineeship you must be aged between 18 and 25 and be unemployed. You can apply for the traineeship through via Job centre plus or by sending a CV to

For all enquires, or for more information please contact:

Diane Aplin, Foundation Director, on 07921 898210

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