We have proven that creating real careers for marginalised young adults doesn’t take a miracle.

It’s an achievable reality if they have access to the right opportunities.

Our objective is to run traineeships that maximise those opportunities. We started by scouring the country for examples of best practice and asking the powerful question: “What kind of traineeship would we want if we were standing in our trainees’ shoes?”.

Coaching, mentoring, life and work skills, basic qualifications, and most importantly of all, care and trust, form the backbone of our completely holistic six-month paid traineeship programme. These are then complemented by meaningful work placements in five different work environments. As a result every trainee – as part of an important team – broadens horizons, increases in self-confidence, identifies strengths and weaknesses, develops skills, unlocks potential, grows ambitions, creates strong friendships, and ultimately understands the power of having a choice.

Having proven the success of our traineeships we want to do more, and better, for more under-served young people in new communities every year…